Monday, November 5, 2012

Fatso - Movie Review

Fatso is a Norwegian comedy from 2008 written and directed by Arild Frölich. The movies is about the 34-year old virgin Rino (Nils Jørgen Kaalstad) that lives alone in an apartement owned by his dad. He's fat and addicted to porn. His whole life is a mess.
One day, a room in the apartement is rented by a Swedish girl, Malin. Malin is the complete opposite of Rino; Attractive, has sex with her boyfriend all the time and has order of everything.

This movie tells us a quite unique story about Rino and Malin's relationship, and it does it in a pretty decent way. I thought that some of the scenes in the movie were a litte unnecessary and over the line, but I understand that some of them was needed. The ending was in a way satisfying, atleast for me, it's not a typical ending for this kind of movie.

I enjoyed this, I had a few good laughs and the story was good. 5/10

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